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$13.9 Million Is Awarded In Birth Injury Lawsuit


A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney explains that a doctor from Ohio was found to be responsible for medical negligence concerned with the birth of a baby girl.

The trial took a day and a half and various expert witnesses were called to the stand. It was decided that the doctor was responsible and the hospital was ordered to pay $13.9 million in damages.

The girl who is the subject of the case is now ten years old. She suffered from cerebral Palsy which was directly caused by the doctor being negligent and not acting quickly enough. It is alleged that the doctors actions during the birth deprived the baby of oxygen which lead to the complications.

The patient visited her family doctor on a regular basis for checkups. These checkups allowed her to check how her pregnancy was and that everything was going properly. The hospital ordered tests which showed her baby had a fairly low heart rate. The doctor decided that it was in the babies best interests to induce labor early.

The parents agreed and had an emergency Caesarean section. This is where the baby is delivered through surgery. However, after labor was induced the doctor changed his mind and decided not to do the C-section. Expert witnesses said that the lack of oxygen to the brain of the baby caused the child to suffer from cerebral palsy.

The expert witness also gave further details that showed the child also suffered another cerebral palsy when contractions were induced. The doctor argued that she never even though about doing a C-section because there was no reason to think that the baby had anything wrong with it.

The New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyer says the family is arguing that if a c-section was performed quickly that the baby would have been completely normal. The complications during her birth were completely avoidable.

Cerebral Palsy is a medical condition which can affect the way the brain works and impair several functions including learning, hearing, thinking and walking. Many of the problems which cause this can be avoided.

If your child suffers from Cerebral Palsy or another birth related medical condition then you might have a claim. Call a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney to get advice about what you could sue for and your chances of success. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney can help you to work out whether you are entitled to receive any compensation.

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