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$3 million settlement ordered in medical malpractice case


An eighteen year old girl has suffered all her life due to a doctor’s negligence, and finally will receive some recompense. Her doctor has been ordered to pay the family three million dollars for the injuries he caused. The young girl has many health issues, including cerebral palsy, explains an expert . The money will cover past, present, and future medical expenses that the family will incur, as well as pain and suffering and rehabilitation.

When the girl’s mother went into labor, the doctor was called to the hospital to perform a Caesarian Section. It took the physician three to four hours to respond to the call and start surgery. This delay, believes experts and friends, is what caused the problems that the girl has faced for 18 years. The compression of the umbilical cord resulted in “fetal asphyxia”. It is against hospital policy for the doctor and the midwife to be off the premises for several hours at the same time. One should have remained at the hospital. The midwife was also charged and brought to trial, but found not responsible for the malpractice injuries the girl suffered.

The physician claims that the mother’s obesity or genetics are to blame for her daughter’s condition, but the jury found otherwise. According to court documents, the doctor found no signs of umbilical cord compression. The physician and his attorney refused to comment to a reporter about the verdict. The doctor’s malpractice insurance will cover $2 million, and he will most likely be responsible for the remainder. Hospitals in New York City and Westchester are studying this case.

We all put our trust and faith in doctors and surgeons. No one should suffer for the rest of their life because of a physician’s negligence. If a doctor has jeopardized the life and health of you or a loved one due to substandard care, you need a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney. Call today and get experienced representation from a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney.

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