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6-Week Old Baby Died Due to Hospital Negligence


A source has learned of a very troubling case of what was supposed to have been a day that was filled with a family’s hopes and dreams that suddenly turned into a parent’s worst nightmare. Although their son had been born prematurely, he had reportedly been making good progress. The boy’s parents were especially hopeful to be able to take their son home in a few days. Their outlook was especially bright since the couple had endured two failed pregnancies due to early term miscarriages.

Unfortunately, the worst did happen when a hospital pharmacy technician incorrectly placed the wrong label onto an intravenous (IV) bag that was destined for the couple’s treasure. The baby’s doctor had ordered an IV solution for the infant. The IV bag was labeled correctly, but at some point between the pharmacy and the nurse who was to administer the IV another label was placed over the first label. The nurse had no way of knowing the IV solution that she was about to administer to the baby had a dosage of more than 60 times the amount of sodium that the physician had ordered. Too much sodium can lead to many problems, including heart palpitations and anxiety. The baby did not survive to go home with his parents.

Soon after it was discovered, a hospital spokeswoman admitted that an error had been made.

Needless to say, that the parents are devastated over the loss of their baby. Instead of having a six-month old at home who is healthy and happy, the couple has had to bury their child and at least try to put their lives back together as they find ways to live with their loss. An attorney for the couple has stated that, “The innocent infant died of malpractice, plain and simple. And we intend on proving it in court.” He went on to add that the couple filed their lawsuit to seek “full and fair compensation,” for the loss of their child.

It is unclear at this moment if the hospital has taken any steps to ensure that an error such as the one that claimed the life of this infant will not happen in the future. Hospitals in The Bronx and Westchester certainly have.

Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, surgical technicians, and emergency room staff are required to follow proper standards of care. When they fail to do so and injury or death is the result, they can be held responsible to pay damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney can help you aggressively pursue the financial compensation you deserve after a mistake in a hospital or other medical facility resulted in serious harm.

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