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A Harbor-UCLA Patient Receives $1.175 Million Settlement, states New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The patient of a Harbor-UCLA Medical Center who alleged a medical malpracticecharge after a blood vessel wall was punctured has been granted a $1.175 million dollar settlement. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved the $1.175-million dollar settlement after a catheter tip inadvertently punctured a blood vessel in the patient.

The patient was treated at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center near Torrance after a motor vehicle accident that took place in late 2008, according to a source. While she was being examined and diagnosed, a blood vessel was injured when a catheter was used. Although the county states that the injury caused complications, the patient was treated promptly and was discharged to go home a few days later, stated a doctor. There were no other descriptions of the injury available at the time of this publication. No description was given as to where the injury was sustained, or what the complications following the injury entitled.

County officials believe that they carried out treatment properly and that they responded to the injury properly. However, they are hampered in court proceedings by a doctrine entitled “Res Ipsa Loquitur.” This doctrine states that an entity is presumed not at fault if they had exclusive control of the situation was causes the injury. Even if there is no evidence of an act of negligence, there would be no accident if there was no negligence, stated an expert. Basically, someone has to be at fault, and be held accountable for the injury; even though the County believes they handled everything correctly.

Doctors and hospitals in Manhattan and Staten Island are studying this case.

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