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A Long Island Doctor Exposes hundreds to infections.If this Happened to you call A New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer


A Long Island Medical Malpractice lawyer wanted immediately discipline of this Doctor but punishment was delayed by court manipulations.

In 2005, the department discovered he had exposed hundreds of patients to infection by misusing syringes. Yet officials didn’t notify his patients or the public for more than two years – because Dr. Finkelstein and his lawyers withheld records, dragging out the case under a cloak of confidentiality.

And it had made no difference that Finkelstein was reponsible for 10 malpractice settlements in 10 years, putting him in the top one-tenth of 1% of the state’s most-sued doctors.

If you or a friend are suffering because of a horrible experience with cosmetic or any other kind of surgery, call a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer. You may deserve and be entitled to financial compensation.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers with convenient locations in the New York Metropolitan Area, including Brooklyn, NY, can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a victim of medical malpractice. Enduring pain, disfigurement and financial anguish without professional representation is not the path you should choose.

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