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A Staten Island Cancer Specialist has been sued for alleged Medical Malpractice on an Italian Cancer Patient. An NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer should be consulted.


Dr. Gilbert Lederman had heavily advertised his medical treatments for cancer on infomercials in Italy. He spoke about his fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery, which is an option for patients who have inoperable cancer. The radiation, received over a period of days, does not cure the cancer, but instead mutates the DNA enough so it cannot hold water cells or reproduce anymore. Guiseppa Bono was one of his patients. She contacted him after seeing his infomercial. She was then screened by Salvatore Conte, and told she was a candidate for treatment. Bono flew from Italy to Staten Island University Hospital, located at 475 Seaview Avenue Staten Island, NY 10305, for treatment. She received radiation treatment from two doctors before leaving to go home to Italy. Sadly, Bono passed away a year later reports a NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer.

It was later found out that Conte was not a medical doctor, and argued that Lederman should not have been using him to screen potential patients. Lederman is allegedly also claimed to treat George Harrison, as a way to attract clients and boost his own medical reputation. They also claim Lederman never tested to see if she actually had cancer before administering the radiation treatment to Bono. After receiving two treatments, Bono went back to Italy. Unfortunately, she passed away a year later. Evidence suggests that she did not suffer from pancreatic cancer, but from an inflammation of the pancreas. Her family has now filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court, located at 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn NY 11201.

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