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Abuse Victims of Nursing Homes Face new Risk


Some new legislation is trying to remove some of the rights that victims of medical malpractice have. This includes people who are injured due to the negligence of nursing homes explains a doctor.

Florida has recently adjusted the way that expert witnesses can be called to assist in various lawsuits. For an out of state expert to be considered as an expert they must first obtain a certificate from the health department. The requirements for the experts are also much tougher remarked the reporter.

Some of the provisions in the bill can be applied directly to malpractice cases including abuse cases in nursing homes. Nursing home residents require both physical assistance and medical care. Most of these facilities employ a number of trained nurses who are capable of administering the same types of treatments that the people could receive in hospital. Because of this it’s possible for the same sorts of mistakes and negligence to affect patients being treated in nursing homes rather than being admitted to hospital.

It can be difficult for elderly people to receive compensation for medical malpractice because their earning potential is much less than someone who is younger. For this reason many pensioners struggle to find legal representation for their case. However, these people deserve justice just as much as anyone else.

One type of error which is very common in nursing homes are mistakes with medication. This is because almost every resident will require a regular dosage of different medications. There are reports that many nursing home residents have been injured or even killed due to mistakes over prescription drugs. Some drugs may be administered to the wrong patient, or there might be other mistakes over the correct dosage. A nursing home should be somewhere that elderly people are well cared for, it should not be somewhere they are neglected and injured due to incompetence. Just because the treatment is not carried out in a hospital in places like The Bronx and Brooklyn it doesn’t mean that malpractice shouldn’t be treated in the same way.

If a member of your family is ever mistreated or abused in a nursing home then it’s worth hiring a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney to see if you have a case. The New York Medical Malpractice Attorney will help you to get justice for this much loved relative.

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