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Bankrupt Hospital still has bills to pay, says New York Malpractice Lawyer

After a New York hospital closed, hundreds of people were left out in the cold, says one New York Malpractice Lawyer The hospital, which closed due to having about $1 billion of debt, filed for bankruptcy, which has so far protected it from any lawsuits for malpractice, some of which could give the victim millions in dollars.

According to a New York Malpractice Lawyer, the hospital did have insurance for malpractice, although it may have been underfunded, with only $150 to $250 million left for the families of those who suffered while staying in the hospital. That money, unfortunately, would first have to go to creditors, who would legally have first dibs on the remaining funds, meaning that the roughly 260 people who are currently suing the hospital would end up with nothing, even though some have suffered serious injury or had loved ones die.

One such case involves the family of a woman who died in the hospital due to a misdiagnosis and a faulty defibrillator. Her family sued the hospital and won over $5 million, and not a single dollar has been paid. The family is struggling to get by, and the woman’s daughter needs her tuition paid for, which the $5 million would have certainly done. Doctors and Hospitals in The Bronx and Brooklyn have to take note and be on guard.

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