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Brain Injury Case Reaches Settlement in Irish High Court


A settlement has been reached in an Irish case in which a woman allegedly suffered brain damage due to the mishandling of her care after her honeymoon, sources tell Law Offices. Her case was before the Irish High Court before settlement was reached.

The victim in this case is a 46-year-old woman from Loughlinstown, Ireland. Coworkers described her as “bubbly and vivacious” from her time as a receptionist. Today, she is unable to work and requires almost constant care, observed the source.

The victim’s husband brought the suit forward in her behalf. He alleged the hospital and the surgeon in charge of his wife’s case were responsible for her current condition. Formally, they were charged with negligence and of acting in breach of duty at St. Michael’s Hospital, where the surgery that led to the victim’s condition took place.

The only matter in which the defendants would admit fault was failure to provide a nutritionist, indicated a doctor. The case was still in litigation when the case was settled. As of yet, there are no details regarding that settlement and it is unclear if the facts will ever be released.

It has been discovered that the victim first became ill in June 2005 while she was on her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Her illness had nothing at all to do with the brain damage that has since affected her life. Instead, she was treated for abdominal adhesions on July 18th in St. Michael’s hospital.

The surgery did not alleviate her problems and when her conditions worsened, the victim returned in August, when part of her small bowel was removed. It was determined then that she emergency intravenous feeding of a type called total parenteral nutrition (TPN) was necessary. Medical malpractice ensued.

According to the victim’s attorneys, the intravenous feeding was missing a nutrient – the vitamin thiamine. This lack permanently affected the patient’s brain, leaving her with symptoms ranging from disorientation to memory loss to an actual drop in her IQ score. Hospitals in The bronx and Brooklyn have studied this case. Doctors have learned she suffers still from unsteadiness, dizziness, debilitating fatigue, and depression.

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