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Brooklyn Dentist Faces Charges Reports a New York City Malpractice Lawyer

The Brooklyn dentist was arrested and served three years behind bards for his insurance scam. He had managed to take over $600,000 from insurance companies while treating Port Authority cops. Not only did he make this an issue of scamming insurance companies in his own office, he resorted to stealing another dentists identify and continued to file fraudulent. According to New York Malpractice Lawyers, he had agreed to server 7.5 years for submitting false claims.

Once he stole another dentist’s ID, he started filing fraudulent claims using the other dentist’s name. The dentist’s statement to a federal judge, consisted of an apology and then by blaming the insurance companies for their behavior toward medical professionals as a reason why he and other like him end up committing this crime. New York Malpractice Lawyers indicate that the dentist was simply doing what he could do to try to relieve the pressure.

Once the dentist was incarcerated and served three years of his term, he was able to appear before a federal judge again and ask for leniency. According to those in attendance and who had suffered from his criminal acts, the dentist’s behavior was uncalled for and that shouldn’t have even been a question. According to New York Malpractice Lawyers, the dentist managed to get through the entire process lightly based on his behavior and concern for his family’s welfare in his absence.

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