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Brooklyn family files Medical Malpractice suit against Maimonides Medical Center. It seems they will need a Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer.

The family of Jacob Goldbrenner, a 52 year old Brooklyn resident, has filed a lawsuit against a Brooklyn hospital claiming medical malpractice caused their father’s death. The family brought Goldbrenner to Maimonides Medical Center; located at 4802 Tenth Ave. Brooklyn NY 11219; in 2008 when he complained of chest pains. Hospital staff sent him to a cardiac lab where they could run tests to diagnose the problem. When the got to the lab, they found it was locked and the staff was unable to locate the key. The lawsuit was filed in Kings County Supreme Court, located at 360 Adams Street, Brooklyn NY 11201. The suit alleged that one of the doctor’s could not even find the lab to get the results of the test. Goldbrenner suffered a heart attack during the five hours he was at the medical center. The family further alleges the medical staff did not perform the intubation procedure correctly, leaving the tube that should have been placed into the lungs for air to flow, in the stomach instead. They claim the delays and staff mistakes caused damage to the heart, and Goldbrenner would have to undergo a heart transplant surgery. Goldbrenner was rushed to Westchester Medical Center; located at 100 Woods Rd., Valhalla, NY 10595; because Mainmonides Medical Center told the family there was a transplant waiting there for him. When they arrived, they found out there was no heart and the surgery could not be performed. Goldbrenner only survived less than two weeks without the transplant.

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