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Cancer Patient Awarded Compensation for Negligence


A 31 year old woman diagnosed with cancer has recently been awarded compensation for medical negligence as indicated by a judge. The suit was filed against NHS healthcare trusts for failing to screen the cancer test successfully. This has been a very high profile case which has drawn attention from all around the world.

The patient alleges that the hospital trusts in Glasgow and Clyde made mistakes when the smear test report was analyzed. She attended regular smear tests, and in 2005 one showed no signs of cancer at any stage. However, in 2008 another smear test was conducted in Geneva which showed the patient was suffering from cervix cancer.

The cervix cancer was at a very advanced stage. This means that the test in 2005 should have shown the early signs of cancer. If it was detected at this stage then the treatment options would have been much less complicated and invasive. The delay in detecting and treating the cancer also exposed the patient to a risk of the cancer spreading; fortunately in this case it doesn’t seem to of happened.

The patient blamed the NHS trust for not correctly identifying the cancer and starting treatment. She filed a claim for £5 million in compensation for the mistake explains the report.

The NHS trust in the area is thought to of admitted the medical mistake. It is thought that if the cancer was found earlier on then it would have been much easier to treat the cancer. This means that she would not need a complete hysterectomy to remove the cancerous growth. This blunder has been a nightmare for the patient who now requires regular medical checkup to ensure she is not suffering from cancer. It would be a nightmare for hospitals in Queens and Staten Island if this happened to them.

Although the £5 million compensation was not offered, the patient was offered an interim compensation of £150,000. This is to help her continue with her radiology treatment due to a lack of finances. After this round of treatment then it is expected that the case will continue until a final amount of compensation is agreed.

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