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Cerebral Palsy Settlement Reached Reports NY Malpractice Lawyers

A mother in Illinois has settled a cerebral palsy malpractice suit for $9.5 million dollar. The mother indicated that the hospital, doctor and midwife left her and her unborn son vulnerable during the birth. The baby is now 14 and suffers from severe injuries sustained during birth reports New York Malpractice Lawyers.

The case stemmed from the mother giving birth with a nurse midwife. The midwife was supposed to be working under a sponsored physician that would be available if needed. New York Malpractice Lawyers report that there was not a doctor on duty when the boy was born. The problems initially stemmed from the umbilical cord being compressed during the birthing process.

Many malpractice lawsuits for cerebral palsy are filed each year as a result of a series of mistakes that are said to occur during the prenatal care or delivery of babies.

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