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Chargers Team Doctor Sacked With $2.2 Million Lawsuit


A former patient of David Chao, the Chargers Team doctor, recently received a $2.2 million settlement by an arbitration panel. The panel found Chao negligent when he performed her hip operation in May of 2007. The patient claims that Chao lacerated her femoral artery, vein and nerve, causing chronic pain and a limp.

This is not the first time that Chao, a 46-year old doctor, has been sued in recent months stated a doctor. In 2009 a male patient sued him and other care providers after a knee replacement surgery, which also took place in 2007. The man reported that Chaos carelessness resulted in an amputation of the leg. Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla agreed to a $1.39 million settlement, according to report.

Chao has been sued 20 times since 1998 by various patients, ranging from charges off malpractice to personal injury, fraud, or negligence. At least eight have been settled with payouts to the plaintiffs.

Last year the federal drug enforcement agents searched Chaos office and found an alleged 108 prescriptions that Chao had written for himself. He has also been accused of writing prescriptions for a former Chargers doctor who was dismissed in 1998 for an alleged narcotic addiction. Chao was required to pay a $1,000 fine for his involvement in that case, and his inability to maintain accurate medical records, reports a source.

Chao, who is an orthopedic surgeon, has operated on many professional athletes, has served as the doctor for the USA rugby team, and for the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. He has had complaints filed against him for abusing alcohol and unprofessional conduct from two DUI charges. Chao has denied all accusations against himself in the court records. The settlements are not considered admissions of liability for medical malpractice. Hospitals in New York City and Westchester County try to caution their staffs about these mistakes.

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