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Child Dies Due to Medical Negligence


A two year old girl has recently died due to medical negligence. She was suffering from serious health problems which were triggered by endosulfan – a pesticide. She died because of medical negligence in a state owned hospital.

The hospital board worked very quickly to investigate the case. They have decided to suspend the doctor while the investigation is ongoing. They decided to take this action due to lots of protests.

The child suffered a reaction to the pesticide and was rushed to the government hospital as her condition seemed to be getting worse. The pediatric expert in the hospital was away on leave, which delayed her treatment.

The child was then taken to a doctor’s surgery who demanded upfront payment before he would look at her, even though she was in a critical state. After this the child was taken to a private hospital for treatment.

The doctor at the state owned university has been suspended while the health board looks into the allegations and decides what best to do.

This is a very upsetting incident, which simply shouldn’t have been able to happen. If medical attention was given on time then it is likely that the child would have made a full recovery. It is a shame that such a young child has died because of something which was completely avoidable.

The area around Kasargode is well known for its high use of pesticides including endosulfan. These chemicals are sprayed on crops including cashew nut trees. These pesticides are thought to result in many people dying every year and creating even more health problems.

There are already lots of protestors in Long Island and New York City which believe endosulfan is bad for them. There is a growing global movement to try and ban endosulfan so that it cannot cause any harm to the world’s population.

It’s important that doctors are aware that treating pesticide reactions are easier the quicker they are treated. They should know exactly what to look out for so they can deal with these conditions quickly.

If you have suffered because of medical treatment being delayed then you may be able to claim compensation. Look for a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney to assess the chances of your lawsuit winning.

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