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Cleveland Mom Sues Hospital


An Ohio mother is suing the Cleveland Clinic for medical malpractice. The mother claims that surgeries performed at the Cleveland Clinic left her infant son severely brain damaged, and ultimately led to his premature death.

The mother has filed the wrongful death complaint against the Cleveland Clinic and the two surgeons who performed the surgeries in 2003 on her son. The surgeries were performed to repair an abnormal vein the base of the boy’s brain. This vein was causing excessive blood flow to his heart. A study stated the surgeons used a surgical device that was specified for adult use on an infant without receiving the mother’s permission.

A doctor explained that glue from the surgical device leaked, seeping into the baby’s brain. This glue then caused a stroke and permanent brain damage. There were no medical reports about the severity of his brain damage, or the lasting effects of it. No other information about his medical condition following surgery was provided. The boy passed away in 2008. The mother filed a wrongful deathcomplaint against the Cleveland Clinic and both surgeons on January 24th.

A spokesperson for the Cleveland Clinic reported that the physicians took every appropriate measure they could to save the child’s life. Unfortunately, according to the Cleveland Clinic, the boy died from complications surrounding his severe underlying medical condition, and not from complications following the surgical procedure. Hospitals and doctors in Manhattan and Long Island try to avoid situations like this.

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