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Dentist Declares Carelessness by a Patient Resulted in Infection states a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When the 45-year-old unemployed man arrived at the dentist, he was diagnosed as having an abscess and infection of his third molar. The dentist removed the tooth and sutures were used that would allow drainage of the abscess. And, since this isn’t your average painful situation, the man was given a prescription for pain medication and instructed to return after a week for a follow-up exam. The man did not return for his follow-up, however, after two weeks, he was forced to return with a serious infection. He was referred to a hospital.

When the man arrived at the hospital, the infection, which was formerly in one of his molar, which had been removed, had spread to his respiratory system. He was attached to a respirator at that time and eventually had to undergo a tracheotomy. The infection finally healed but the man still felt that the dentist had not properly treated the situation I the first place. And, a dentistry expert testified at the trail that the dentist did not follow protocol and that the man should have been treated with antibiotics prior to the extraction and that the tooth shouldn’t have been removed until the infection was gone. New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers report that the expert testimony also included information regarding how the drainage area on the extracted tooth was not properly addressed. Furthermore, the expert stated that the follow-up should have occurred within 24 hours.

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers were met with another expert who contended that the infection could not be addressed until the tooth had been removed and the man’s infectious-disease expert agreed. The man endured a lengthy hospitalization and eventually sued for damages in the past and the future pain and suffering. However, the fact that the man suffers from HIV was rendered as a partial reason for the man’s ability to heal. The jury agreed that the man had not taken the necessary precautions and that the dentist was not at fault.

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