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Doctor Cleared in Kidney Transplant Case Reports NY Malpractice Lawyers

A NYU surgeon was accused of transplanting the kidney of a woman who was suffering from uterine cancer into one of his patients. The man developed cancer after the transplant and left his widow to face the trial alone. New York Malpractice Lawyers indicate that the jury in Queens took approximately five hours to exonerate the surgeon.

During the trial, another physician testified that the surgeon was urged not to carry through with the transplant due to the cancer. However, the surgeon apparently didn’t take the advice of others and went ahead and took the chance. New York Malpractice Lawyers say the question the jury had to settle was whether the surgeon “deviated from accepted medical practice.”

The jury in this case returned a unanimous decision that the surgeon was not out of line. One of the jurors declined to give her name but did indicate that the decision was extremely difficult. According to this juror, the decision was based strictly on what they heard. New York Malpractice Lawyers indicate that two other propel received organs from this same donor and both developed cancer and died.

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