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Doctor violates standard of medical care resulting in medical malpractice


The patient in this med mal case was admitted to a medical center in the US, where she was treated by one of the doctors on staff. While the records are not clear on precisely why the woman was admitted or what treatment the doctor administered, it was evidently something that the patient felt amounted to medical malpractice, or she would not have chosen to sue the doctor.

As a part of the statement filed in court, the papers indicate that the doctor violated the accepted standard of care for the treatment he provided and that the plaintiff suffered harm because of that violation. In many medical malpractice cases, the presence of another doctor, an “expert,” is required to provide testimony that what the doctor being sued did was not up to the accepted standards of the area the physician practiced in. For this reason, medical malpractice cases are often long and involved and deal with complex medical information, outlined the reporter.

Interestingly enough, even though the latest lawsuit against this particular doctor does not specify what he did, this is not the first time that he has been named in a lawsuit. An earlier lawsuit in which the jury found for the doctor, said he did nothing wrong when he did not order restraints to be put on an elderly woman. In that case, the woman was overmedicated after surgery and fell out of her bed.

At trial, the jury was asked if any of the doctor’s actions led to the plaintiff’s fall. The jury was only out for 30 minutes before returning a verdict in favor of the defendant doctor.

This latest lawsuit is asking for compensation for medical costs, mental anguish and impairment. Hospitals in The Bronx and Staten Island take precautions to guard against situations like this one.

Medical malpractice victims sometimes don’t realize that they have been a “victim,” not until they discover from talking to others that what the doctor did or didn’t do wasn’t right. At that point, it’s usually wise to consult with a seasoned New York Medical Malpractice Attorney and find out what your rights are when it comes to medical malpractice cases. It’s only with the help of a skilled New York Medical Malpractice Attorney, that you will be able to get a fair and just settlement.

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