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Doctors Admit Fraud


Lawyers and doctors don’t generally get on very well. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most common is because of distrust between both doctors and lawyers. There are many medical malpractice stories floating around the internet comments the source.

Many doctors who charge Medicaid or Medicare for various medical procedures for tests that aren’t really necessary. This means that they are actually committing fraud according to Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The law has been made very clear to discuss this type of fraud, says the rep. When the issue was discussed at congressional hearings the doctors actually admitted the practice and then ended up trying to deny it when they were asked if they billed Medicare for the tests.

On the internet though, doctors are just as stupid when it comes to now knowing when to stop talking. The doctors are admitting on the internet that they do order unnecessary tests on a regular basis. Some doctors are even saying that they know how to beat the system and avoid getting caught out by the auditors. These doctors are costing the government more than they really should be for the same level of service.

Doctors are blatantly flouting the law just to boost their bottom lines. One doctor requested unnecessary tests on a patient which admitted that it was of no medical benefit to the patient. However, he then went on to say that he could find a way to prove that the tests were done for a specific reasons if it was ever needed.

The same doctors in The Bronx and Brooklyn said on justifying his actions said that the audit would never reveal the fraud. That’s because he believes he is better than the auditor. He thinks it is possible to justify any actions as being necessary and reasonable, even if they are just done to make more money.

Virtually any test could be ordered to look at any condition says the study. Chest pain can be tested using CT scans, EKG, And O2 Sat. It is very easy for a doctor to justify any of these tests even if they weren’t really required.

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