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Doctors in Abu Dhabi Held Liable for Girl’s Death


The Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Abu Dhabi has upheld the conviction of the three doctors involved in the 2008 death of a seven-year-old girl, sources confirmed to an observer. In June 2008, the seven-year-old girl underwent a routine procedure to remove her left tonsil. This is a reminder that there is nothing routine about surgery or any kind.

There were three doctors in attendance to the seven-year-olds surgery. The problem seemed to begin when one of the doctors used a tool that was designed to be used on adults. It is unclear at this point just how the bleeding began, but it is a result of the improper tool being used by one of the doctors. As the doctors attempted to stop the bleeding, one of the doctors managed to puncture the seven-year-old girl’s right lung in the process. Also unknown to a nurse at this point, is why the child was left under anesthesia for 20 hours. It is at this time that the girl died.

The original court ruling in this case acquitted all three doctors. An appeals court later convicted and fined each of the three doctors for their roles in the child’s death. The most recent ruling upheld the convictions and returned the case to the appeals court to carry out the judgments. One of the doctors appealed to the Supreme Court again after the initial Supreme Court ruling in hopes for a lighter judgment due to his attempts to stop the bleeding. The Supreme Court denied his appeal and upheld its prior ruling.

The doctors must pay a fine of Dh15, 000 that is about $4,083.74 USD. They were also ordered to jointly pay Dh100, 000, which is approximately $27,225.43 USD diyya (blood money). Blood money in many cultures is money paid to the next of kin of a murder victim as a fine. The Supreme Court also upheld the men’s conviction for wrongful death.

The magistrate at the Supreme Court stated that since many doctors are unaware of their responsibilities that the court will publish guidelines and distribute them to doctors and hospitals in Manhattan and Queens so they will know why charges are brought against them after medical mistakes are made.

While doctors and surgeons commit to many years of education and training, mistakes can and do happen. Even a small mistake in making a diagnosis, prescribing medication, performing surgery, or delivering a baby can have dire, even deadly consequences for the patient. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney has the expertise and resources to properly investigate your claim and document the true cause of your injuries, your child’s injuries, or a loved one’s death.

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