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Employee fired after surgery


According to a report, a woman who was a former nurse’s assistant filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court against her former employer. The complaint alleged that the woman’s employer fired her when she spoke and criticized a surgery that she did a specific Medical Center. Her claim exceeded $350,000 in medical malpractice and $200,000 in the job firing claim.

An advocate agreed that the woman did have a case. The suit indicated that the woman was not given the follow-up treatment that was necessary for her to recover after the surgery. She underwent excruciating pain and suffering because of the ordeal. She had to go to the emergency room hours after the surgery to have the damage repaired. This resulted in additional pain and suffering.

Her employer warned her that she would be fired if she discussed her experience with anyone else. When she did, she was given a pink slip and lost her job as a result, stated a friend.

Her employers said that they complied with the Family Leave Act by granting the woman time off to recover from her surgery. However, the woman disagreed and said that when she asked for an extended period of time for sick leave, it was denied. Her employer suggested that she did not have additional accrued sick leave for that period.

She was denied benefits and so the woman decided to file a lawsuit for the ordeal that she had experienced. Courts in Queens and Staten Island have had similar cases occasionally.

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