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Facelift turns Fatal

During a facelift at a local plastic surgeon’s office an Irish woman fell to the ground, and upon arrival at the nearby hospital, was declared dead.

The woman had traveled from Limerick, Ireland, to have her facelift done. After the surgery, her doctors left the office, leaving the woman in the care of a nurse, who apparently did not know what to do when the woman collapsed. The nurse called 911 and the woman was declared dead at the hospital.

According to a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer, fingers have been pointed in multiple directions since the surgery. The plastic surgeon did settle with the family for an undisclosed sum, but the family is also suing the nurse as well as the anesthesiologist who were also in the operating room. Both the nurse and anesthesiologist have pointed to the plastic surgeon as the one who was at fault.

The NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer has stated that the anesthesiologist was in a hurry to leave the office and did not complete his work appropriately, which was also a cause as to the woman’s death. She died on St. Patrick’s Day. in the Bronx and in Brooklyn, hospitals are always trying to prevent these mistakes.

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