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Gov. Patterson Supports Legislation to Expose Incompetent Doctors


In a long awaited move in New York, Gov. Paterson has initiated legislation to finally expose doctors whose poor practice has endangered and injured patients. The Governor’s initiative has been met with widespread approval including patient safety groups and Medical Malpractice lawyers in New York. It appears the state legislature will pass this long waited bill geared to protect New York’s citizenry.

“For years this has been needed” says New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Stephen Bilkis. The state has let these dangerous doctors continue to practice. Before this bill, total secrecy surrounded the misconduct investigations of doctors. Finally, there will be exposure of doctors who haven investigated and been found to have acted improperly. This will allow patients the ability to investigate their doctors’ backgrounds as they would any professional they would want to hire.

Once the information gets to the public, and people find out about these suspect doctors, at least people will know the risk they are taking before they hit the waiting room. Hopefully, the most incompetent doctors will be put out of business based on their own bad conduct by a free market.

Paterson also would require HMOs and other health plans to alert the department when they boot a doctor from a network because of incompetence. Hospitals are already required to make such a notification.

Paterson and Daines are right to lead the charge for reform. Now it’s up to the Assembly and Senate to put patients first, too.

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