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Grieving husband feels heard at last by court systems


Friends explained how a man finally feels heard, after many years of complaints. His wife had committed suicide while under the care of a psychiatrist.

The man claimed he had called her psychiatrist more than eight times to explain his wife was suicidal from the antidepressants that were prescribed by the doctor. Sources confirm the doctor repeatedly ignored these phone calls.

A Lawyer said the reason the man is being heard now versus before is a legislative committee is reviewing a bill regarding medical malpracticesuits that makes the process easier. This bill, he explained, will “make it more difficult for judges to dismiss these types of cases so easily.”

“The bill basically will require plaintiffs to obtain a certificate of good faith from another medical expert with similar credentials to the one involved in the case,” said another source.

“In this particular case,” he added, “The plaintiff still had trouble because the certificate was presented several years after the initial complaint.”

The proposed law will revise the 2005 statute that was meant to help courts filter out senseless malpractice cases by requiring a medical expert who works in the same field testify.

“The original intent of the statute was not such a bad thing,” said a doctor. “The idea of trying to prevent frivolous medical malpractice suits from being filed is a legitimate one. But there have been so many issues that have arisen over the past five years as to how to implement it.”

“Also, he said, conflicting state Supreme Court decisions have come down since the law was passed, and language that requires plaintiffs to get certificates from a ‘similar health care provider’ can be problematic.”

The 46-year-old woman who had died, reportedly backed into her garage and left her car running with the door shut. She died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I loved her in life,” her husband said during an interview this week. “I tried to get her help. Now I’m fighting for her in death.”

The plaintiff brought the lawsuit to the courts in 2006 and represented himself the entire time. He is reportedly unemployed but works as a photographer on the side. Courts in New York City and Westchester are taking note.

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