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Hudson Back Surgeon Faces Allegations of Malpractice Reports New York Malpractice Lawyers

A back surgeon was on the verge of being sued by a 55 year old man who had undergone numerous surgeries on his back. But, before hat could even happen, the state filed its own compliant alleging malpractice reports New York Malpractice Lawyers. The man is said to be in worse physical shape now than he was prior to his surgeries almost seven years ago.

Thus far the suit is requesting that the Florida Board of Medicine order penalties from remedial education to probation and possible revocation of his license to practice medicine. New York Malpractice Lawyers report that the man had already undergone four surgeries in the previous four months.

In this case, the plaintiff alleges that the man’s pain was misdiagnosed and that tests were inaccurately interpreted as well. In addition to this, the plaintiff in this case indicated that the surgeon failed to have a strict surgical plan that would resolve the problems he was having.

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