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Jury’s Verdict in Suicide Case Ignored in Case


A medical malpractice case was filed against a hospital in Connecticut for not preventing a patient from committing suicide. The case went to court and a jury ruled that the hospital was not liable. However, an appeal has decided to throw the jury verdict out.

The New York Medical Malpractice Attorney handling the case explains that the reason the Jury’s verdict is being ignored is because the verdict could have been biased. The judge failed to ask the jury whether or not they read a newspaper article relating to the case, and whether or not it affected their opinions.

The newspaper article was published a few weeks before the start of the trial. It is believed that many of the members of the jury read this. It could have quite easily influenced their opinion. Hospitals all over in places like Staten Island and The Bronx must protect themselves against law suits like this one.

All of this then leads the court to order a re-trial in the malpractice suit. The NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains that the woman was being treated at the Psychiatric hospital in 2002 for depression. The 41 year old patient died shortly after being admitted as she hung herself.

The Silver Hill Hospital is well known because it is so popular with many celebrities and has an excellent reputation.

The jury originally found that the hospital and doctor were not liable because they were not negligent. However, a public ruling recently said that the judge should of asked whether or not the members of the jury read the article.

While the article was not accurate in all of the details, the appeals court argued that it could affect a persona emotions relating to the case. The New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer says that this is a valid case for a retrial.

The executor of the diseased patient’s estate said that he was happy with the ruling as it mad their case much stronger. The argument is whether the jury members will still be fair even after reading the article.

The lawyer for the hospital said that it was very likely the hospital would appeal the case. The hospital is sure that the article did not cause any bias because much of the content was mentioned in the trial proceedings.

If you believe that medical treatment has left you worse off before then it might be possible to file a Medical malpractice claim. A New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer will be able to help you decide whether or not you have a claim, and how best to file your case.

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