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Large Dental Chain Sued for Malpractice


A Syracuse, NY, area dental clinic is being sued for malpractice, a source learned. At least 10 local families have joined together in the lawsuit that claims their children were subjected to “fraud, battery, malpractice, and negligence.” The suit further alleges that their children were “subjected to root canals, tooth extractions, and fillings while physically restrained in the dental chair and without sedation or general anesthesia.”

The clinic, which is also part of multiple state and federal investigations, has also been accused of Medicaid fraud. It has also recently reached settlements with the states of New York and North Carolina for $2 million and $14 million respectively.

The lawsuit started in Brooklyn and Staten Island alleges that the clinic took advantage of low-income families that were covered by Medicaid. The clinic confirmed to the reporter that the clinic’s staff would convince the parents that their methods of not using anesthesia or sedation were better for the children. It goes on to add that x-rays were either poorly done, or not taken at all.

Some of the complaints are as follows.

• A boy when he was between three and five received four root canals and crowns. He also was subjected to seven fillings, and two extractions.

• Another boy between the ages of one and two years old was subjected to seven root canals, three fillings and a crown.

• While this girl was between the ages of four and six years of age, she received nine root canals and crowns, two fillings, and one extraction.

• Yet another boy when he was two years old was subjected to nine fillings.

• Another girl when she was four-years old had nine root canals and crowns. She also had four extractions and one filling.

• The list continues.

The lawsuit alleges that the founders of the dental clinic were dentists who founded the company in order to make money under fraudulent intentions. They later sold the company to parties that have continued the scheme. Each of the dentists that are currently working at the local clinic in Syracuse, as well as the current and former owners of the company have been named as parties in the lawsuit.

The suit seeks to compensate the children for any damages incurred, as well as for any pain and suffering. None of the parents or legal guardians has been named as parties seeking compensation.

Medical malpractice claims and lawsuits are primarily based upon medical records, testimony of medical experts, and other highly technical matters. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney is intimately familiar with these issues and must also have the resources to investigate every aspect of your case in order to prove that malpractice has occurred.

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