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Legal Negligence Claim Explored


While the legal profession exists in order to assist people with various legal problems, sometimes clients feel that the legal professional is the source of the problem. In a recent case, a husband and wife are suing their lawyer for negligence. In this case, the couple claims, the lawyer’s unreasonable delays lead to the expiration of the statute of limitations, explains a Lawyer.

In this case, the Manhattan doctor involved was sued by several patients within a six month period. The number of lawsuits brought against the doctor over the extremely short period of time suggested that the doctor was acting negligently and would have resulted in a strong case for the couple.

The husband, who was the patient in this case, was treated for a broken ankle which required surgery. The surgery was improperly performed and two follow up surgeries took place to correct the errors from the original procedure. The resulting pain and suffering the couple faced, along with the economic damages from the additional medical procedures, were the reason for the lawsuit stated a Long Island rep.

The case, however, was not brought to trial because the statute of limitations had expired. The couple claims that this is the fault of the attorney they had retained for their case. The couple is now seeking damages against their original attorney and has retained new representation.

The doctor in this case moved to a different state and changed his name. He later declared bankruptcy and lost his medical license. Because the doctor declared bankruptcy, it is unlikely that the couple would have received any monetary compensation from the doctor himself. However, the couple probably would have received payment from the doctor’s malpractice insurance company, assuming that he had a policy in place at the time of the incident.

Because the couple would not have received money from the doctor, it makes the claim that the lawyer’s negligence caused them to lose money. This will complicate the couple’s case against their attorney. The husband’s current medical condition is unknown at this point.

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