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Malpractice Suit Settled with $7 Million Payout


A medical malpractice suit involving the birth of a child has recently ended with a $7 million settlement. The Judge has recently approved the settlement described a Lawyer. The child who is the subject of the case has a very rare genetic defect.

The lawsuit was filed in 2008 against a genetic counselor, nurse, and two doctors who were from China. It is alleged by the patient that the correct medical counseling was not available before the woman gave birth. The woman successfully gave birth to a baby girl which had cat cry syndrome.

The girl is now three years old but is still affected by her condition. She has mental and physical disabilities as a result of this. The parents argue that if the abnormalities were detected earlier then it would have been easier for the patient to decide whether or not to go ahead with the pregnancy. A procedure known as amniocentesis is fairly routine and this would have been able to detect the problem.

The two doctors, the nurse and a genetic counselor are all mentioned on the original malpractice suit mentions the source.

The lawyers of the defendants have denied the suggestion that they were medically negligent in their handling of the pregnancy. The hospital said that they were offered the diagnostic tests but turned them down; however, the parents of the baby girl deny that they were ever offered this.

The Judge approved the settlement of $7 million after first listening to a short hearing in Worcester Superior Court.

This includes $4 million dollars which will be left in a trust fund to take care of future medical expenses of the child as she grows older.

Hopefully she now has enough money to make sure that she is looked after correctly for the rest of her life, explains the rep.

The settlement is thought to be the largest of its type in the area of Massachusetts. All the lawyers signed a confidentiality agreement which means that the lawyers cannot talk about the case in more detail. Unless there’s a case in Long Island or Manhattan.

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