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Medical Malpractice added to wrongful death case


A reporter was quick to point out that a Federal Judge permitted a legal motion to add a medical malpractice claim to one filed against the country Sheriff, the county and other jailers of a wrongful death case.

“The Judge made her ruling and granted permission for changes to the filed complaint,” said a media representative to an advocate .

The defendant’s sister filed a lawsuit against the county Sheriff, the jail nurse and the county for a wrongful death claim. The defendant died at a hospital after he suffered a heart attack in jail where he was incarcerated. The sister of the defendant felt that her brother was misdiagnosed and did not receive the medical care that he should to save his life.

An expert who deals with cases like this in Staten Island and Westchester agrees that the defendant’s family has every right to seek full retribution for the brother’s wrongful death. Apparently, the county was in opposition of the motion that the Judge permitted, but they were quick to withdraw their resistance when the sister of the defendant filed a modified complaint and a sworn statement supplementing what she had already submitted.

The modified claim suggested that the jail nurse was in violation of the appropriate medical standard of treatment by not allowing the deceased to do a follow up doctor’s visit when his condition began to deteriorate. The claim also added that it was the County that was responsible for the way that the nurse behaved. Of course, the County has denied such claims.

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