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Medical Malpractice suit nets $1.5 Million Reports a New York City Malpractice Lawyer

A forty-seven year old man suffering from diabetes and chronic pancreatic has finally reached a settlement for the pain and suffering he has endured at the hands of a medial malpractice action. The man was originally admitted into the hospital for complications from pancreatic disease. A nurse is said to have inserted an IV and then administered the drug phenergan to combat nausea and Demerol, which is a painkiller. The man’s condition was evaluated shortly after and he was determined to be all right. New York malpractice lawyers indicate that when he was checked 45 minutes later, something was obviously wrong.

The physician checked on the man approximately nine hours later and decided that the medication had leaked into his hand and into the surrounding tissue. The patient was then transferred to another hospital where an orthopedic surgeon performed surgery on his wrist but was unable to save the man’s thumb. New York Malpractice Lawyers indicate that the plaintiff asked for between $1.2 and $1.6 million.

Unfortunately for this man, he lost his thumb and in addition feels he deserves to be compensated the amount in which he would have been able to earn had he not suffered at the hands of malpractice. New York Malpractice Lawyers indicate that he was awarded $1.5 million for his suffering.

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