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A Long Island woman has died as a result of her melanoma being misdiagnosed. The victim, who was only 35, had noticed a mole on her arm several years ago. Because of the appearance of the mole, and a family history of melanoma, she sought treatment by a pathologist. The pathologist excised the mole, did a biopsy, and reported that the results were negative. Relieved, the woman went about her life, and became pregnant. During the pregnancy, the woman began experiencing other symptoms. She again sought treatment, and the original biopsy slide was re-read. This time, the slide was correctly read as positive for melanoma. Tragically however, by the time the slide was read correctly, it was too late. The melanoma had advanced to the point that it was incurable. Even worse, if the slide had been correctly read the first time, there would have been sufficient time to treat, and even cure, the melanoma. The woman died shortly after the second reading, all because of the misdiagnosis. No criminal charges are expected to be filed in this case.

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