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Mother Awarded Six Figure Damages Payout due to Negligence


A mother who gave birth to a baby was left in a critical condition as a result of medical negligence. The mother has recently won a six figure compensation package for her lawsuit.

The mother gave birth to her son in 2006. Doctors did not have any reason to suspect that this was not a normal pregnancy. She went to hospital ad was prepared for the birth of the baby.

The woman was prepared for her caesarean section and the operating went very well. However, the surgeons performing the operation failed to close the womb up correctly. This left her in a serious condition.

The patient alerted doctors to severe chest and stomach pains stated the expert. She collapsed and was given oxygen. However, she was not operated on for up to four hours because they did not realize the problem. Another surgeon discovered that the previous operation had failed to close the womb.

The patient alleges that the doctors did not spot the mistake in time to prevent her suffering from pain. The surgeon had to remove her entre womb which now leaves her unable to have any more children as a result of this mistake.

The woman initially wanted to have a large family, but unfortunately because of the hospitals negligence in performing the C-section this will never come true. The patient filed a suit against the hospital for medical negligence.

An investigation looked at whether or not the behavior of the hospital staff was negligent. It admitted that although these mistakes do happen they are rare. The doctors should have noticed that something was seriously wrong when they saw that the patient did not stop bleeding. If the mistake was noticed earlier then it could have been corrected rather than having to remove the entire womb. Hospitals in Queens and Staten Island have watched carefully.

They got awarded a six figure payout to compensate for pain, suffering, and because she is left unable to have children. The family said that they hoped to use this money to fund surrogacy to give their child – who is now five – a brother or sister.

If you are left unable to have children due to medical treatment then you could consider filing a lawsuit. Talk to a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney to check you have a case. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney will help to process your claim in as short a time as possible.

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