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New Check List for Doctors May Have Bad Side Effects


A proposal is being developed that would create a gigantic check list of proper techniques and procedures for doctors to follow, says a researcher. The theory goes that this checklist would become the industry standard by which doctors are measured, and thus they would be protected from supposedly costly medical malpractice law suits. But, some commentators are skeptical that this new proposal will do much good at all. There are already standards in place by which doctors are measured and they differ from doctor to doctor, notes a Lawyer. Every case is unique and each branch of medicine has within it its own proper techniques to follow. Creating a giant check list would not do much because many doctors are already trying their best to follow proper procedures and avoid surgery errors. Instead, the check list may actually back fire on a doctor. There may be times when the check list calls for a doctor to administer a certain procedure but due to the unique nature of the case such a procedure would not be appropriate, reports a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer. However, if something were to then go wrong a potential plaintiff could point to the check list and say that the doctor did not follow the proper procedures required in that circumstance. While a doctor could refute the charge, it would create another level of difficulty for those practicing medicine, says a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New York. Further, in this day and age of expensive medical care, doctors may start to simply do everything the check list says, regardless of whether it is needed or not, which in turn would drive up costs everywhere including New York City and Queens.

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