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New Efforts to Cut Down Medical Malpractice Cases


Many professionals including a doctor think that if doctors had a surgical checklist, it would help to prevent many medical malpractice cases. This conclusion was reached after looking at numerous data from one of the biggest medical liability insurance company. What was found proved alarming – almost a third of all the claims made were from errors that happened in the medical arena. Had the doctors have a checklist, a doctor thinks that these cases could have been avoided.

The doctor also agrees that it is very challenging and hard to place a price tag on how the system works with medical liabilities. However, a recent study showed that the cost could add up to an excess of $55 billion each year or a small chunk of the health care expenditure in the United States.

Additionally, many experts including a representative believe that many citizens in America die each year because of medical mistakes and most of these are in relation to surgery.

Other medical studies done earlier prove that when there is a surgical checklist, there is a reduction in the amount of deaths that take place. In addition, more money is saved by avoiding complicated treatment and lawsuits.

According to one hospital, “These studies are important to seeing how professionals can come together and fix this problem, but no one wants to come to the table.” The medical field needs to corporate as many health professionals may think.

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