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New Legislation in Florida Protects Doctors


New legislation has been passed in the state of Florida to restrict the ability of patients to sue medical professionals who try to provide treatment to them explains a report.

Many republican lawmakers are trying to justify the cost of the state’s Medicaid program. They are trying to reduce costs to the hospitals by reducing the chances of lawsuit losses for hospitals in the state. This is designed as a way of encouraging cooperation between doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.

The House of Representatives recently passed new legislation that would restrict using expert witnesses in lawsuit cases explains a source. The bill first said that hospitals would not be held liable for negligence of contracted providers unless the hospital exercises complete control.

Doctors and lawyers in Manhattan and Long island have been trying to find a way to reform and improve the healthcare system in the state. This new legislation is said to be a step in the right direction to make it a much friendlier place to practice medicine.

Many Lawyers have claimed that Florida needs to scale back on malpractice lawsuits so that more doctors will remain working in the state rather than traveling somewhere else. The caps put on malpractice cases in 2003 has helped to improve the situation, and this new bill should make things even better.

Many doctors and hospitals are against Medicare because it reduces their profits. By offering to limit the malpractice cases they can encounter, it is designed to make them work together as more of a team.

When the final Medicaid reform bill is unveiled to the public it is expected that there will also be new caps placed on medical malpractice cases. The senate’s Medicaid plan will limit the wrongful death cases to $250,000.

Doctors and hospitals treating patients through the Medicaid system would have the liability capped at $300,000. The only reason this cap could be passed would be if the provider has acted maliciously or in bad faith.

After the reforms of 2003 the number of medical malpractice claims has decreased significantly. This has helped to attract more doctors to work in the state.

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