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New Trial against Silver Hill Hospital Ordered by Court


A New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains that a court ordered a new malpractice trial against Silver Hill Hospital on Monday. The reason for this is because the judge did not ask the jurors whether they read the newspaper story and were influenced by it. This meant that the verdict of the jury was less reliable.

The New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains that the original suit was filed against the psychiatrist and the hospital when a middle aged woman died. The patient committed suicide by hanging herself at the medical facility where she was undergoing treatment. She was being treated for a personality disorder and clinical depression.

The Silver Hill Hospital is a very well-known medical facility which has been open for over 80 years. Many famous people have visited the center for psychiatric treatment over the years and it has a very good reputation.

The estate of the diseased lady filed the suit. When the jury found that the hospital was not liable, the executor of the estate appealed the verdict. This was because it was possible that the verdict of the jury was compromised by the newspaper article.

The appeal was based on the fact that the judge did not follow the request of asking whether jurors had read the New York Times story which was related to the case. This could have influenced them which is the reason why the courts verdict was thrown out explains the New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer

It is expected that the attorney for Silver Hill hospital will appeal the ruling next week. The hospitals lawyers disagree with the ruling and will be filing a new suit early in the week. Hospitals in Suffolk County, Long Island have their own attorneys to defend cases like this.

The newspaper story was published a few weeks before various pieces of evidence were found. The story could of quite easily influenced the opinions of the members of the jury.

The doctor who admitted the patient to the hospital ordered that the bathroom door was locked because of suicide attempts on previous occasions. The next day supervision was reduced and the bathroom unlocked. The patient hung herself over the bathroom door.

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