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North Carolina Medical Malpractice Laws Getting An Overhaul


A bill in North Carolina’s Senate may send shockwaves throughout the medical community in the state, believes a doctor. The bill, which would limit all Medical Malpractice verdicts to $250,000 for non-economical damages, has some strong supporters and some equally strong opposition. A non-economical damage is described as pain, suffering or emotional distress. Neurological cases can also be considered in this context.

The bills co-sponsor stated that the proposal aims to reduce the practice of defensive medicine. Defensive medicine supposedly adds 20 to 25 percent to the cost of health care. He also states that the main goal of the bill is to keep medical professionals in North Carolina and to make sure that citizens can still receive quality healthcare, stated a source.

Critics of the bill range from patient advocates to trial lawyers. North Carolina Coalition for Patient Safety’s executive director disagreed with the bills co-sponsor, saying it wouldn’t really do anything to bring down medical costs, or to keep them from rising in the future. She went on to say that the government doesn’t seem to focus on the cause of the rising medical costs, but merely want to focus on the symptoms. In The Bronx and Brooklyn, doctors are taking note in the hopes that this kind of legislation does not come north.

According to a study, the proposed bill may succeed in bringing down the amount of medical malpractice lawsuits filed, but only because lawyers would be reluctant to take on the cases of young children or unemployed patients because of the risk of not being paid if the case is not successful. This breach could cause people to go unjustified in their cases.

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