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Over 600,000 Unqualified Doctors Operating in Islamabad


Health is the most precious thing that we all own, that’s why there are increasing numbers of doctors all over the world. In Islamabad there are over 600,000 active unqualified doctors practicing medicine explains a well-known doctor. An estimated 70,000 of these doctors are thought to be at risk of spreading diseases and infections due to poor hygiene and practices. These doctors lack the basic medical training which would ensure that patients are kept safe from infectious diseases.

Medical malpractice is a common problem which can happen anywhere. The doctor remarks that malpractice claims are increasing every year in America with many more patients filing suits. Although most of the doctors in America are qualified, there is still a risk that they will neglect their patients.

Many patients in the US suffer permanent injuries and scarring for the rest of their lives, and others die as a result of incorrect medical treatment. While there are risks associated with every medical procedure, it’s important that negligence itself does not increase the risks.

The Pakistan Medical Association is trying to crack down on these unqualified doctors to make the healthcare system in the country much safer. This is the reason why the American Government regulates the healthcare industry so tightly. Doctors practicing medicine must be licensed and any claims against them will be investigated carefully.

Many of these unqualified doctors get work because of testimonials from previous patients. While some patients will be treated successfully without endangering their lives, many more are put at unnecessary risk. This is a form of medical malpractice, but few people in the country bother filing for malpractice suits like happens in the USA.

Americans in Manhattan and Brooklyn are advising experts in Pakistan about how to revise the healthcare system in the country to make it safer. The country is spending millions of dollars on supervising the medical sector and trying to improve the safety records. The American Medical Malpractice Lawyer mentions that healthcare is a very important concern for governments all around the world.

If you have suffered at the hands of a doctor then you may be able to sue the hospital which was responsible. Talk to a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney to see if you have a case and discuss your options.

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