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Pedophile Doctor Medical Malpractice Case


A recent investigation has uncovered a shocking truth at St Francis Hospital. It has been discovered that a doctor there has been taking photos of thousands of naked children while masturbating them. It is claimed by the doctor that he was conducting growth studies on his patients.

The case will be put before a jury shortly, which means the outcome of this medical malpractice case will be decided by the public.

The trial is filed against the hospital. The plaintiffs are filing for negligent supervision of their doctors when dealing with young children. The source explained that the disgusting study has left many young children traumatized.

The patient who was abused has requested $5 to $8 million in damages. The jury will now decide whether or not this is suitable.

The courtroom was packed with reporters, hospital execs, and lawyers for all of the 93 plaintiffs. The shocking truth was only uncovered in 2007 when a builder discovered some of the photos in the doctor’s house.

The doctor did not investigate or supervise the doctor in anyway with his growth study. The report states that there have been a number of complaints over the years, but these were never properly investigated.

The doctor who committed these malpractice crimes died in 1998 and so was never personally sued for his actions. As this crime has come to light, the plaintiffs are now attempting to sue the hospital for neglecting their interests and not taking care of them.

The patients argue that if the doctor was supervised properly that he would have been caught much quicker. Alarms should have been raised when he purchased enough film to take 38,000 photos on the hospital account.

It is alleged that the hospital did not do everything they should have done to take care of the children they were responsible for.

The hospital denies any responsibility. They say that the doctor himself would be responsible for his research project. The hospitals which chimed in in The Bronx and Manhattan said that they had no reason to think anything illegal was going on.

If your child is ever abused at the hands of a doctor then you will probably be able to file a malpractice suit. A New York Medical Malpractice Attorney will be able to tell you if it’s possible to file your claim.

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