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Pregnancy gone wrong, results in birth of stillborn child


This medical malpractice lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman whose delivery was botched so badly that she delivered a stillborn child. The facts of this case are really heart wrenching.

Jane Doe was pregnant in 2009 and a patient at a local women’s clinic. Doe was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the last stages of her pregnancy. During week 39 of her pregnancy, she went to the health center concerned about discharges she was having. Her blood sugar level was very high. When her primary care doctor found out about the high blood sugar level, he told medical staff to send her home, tell her to consume more water and put her feet up. The doctor never personally “saw” his patient at that time.

For the next six days, the woman kept having discharges and called the ER many times to discuss her symptoms. She was told to put her feet up and drink more water and that her symptoms were normal, because she was dehydrated.

The woman went into labor shortly thereafter and another doctor handled her treatment. They couldn’t find a fetal heartbeat. An exam revealed her membrane had burst and had left virtually no amniotic fluid. Her primary care doctor was called and he arrived an hour later and confirmed there was no fetal heartbeat. Despite the fact that the mother had a narrow pelvis and was to deliver a stillborn, the doctors chose to proceed with a vaginal delivery.

The labor was brutal and excruciating and the woman gave birth to a 9-pound dead baby. The condition was horrendous as a result of the delivery tactics used by the doctors resulting in medical malpractice. It turns out her primary care physician went on a leave of absence because he was facing three felony charges. This was just a horrid situation for everyone involved and our hearts go out to this traumatized family. Hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk are watchful for these problems.

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