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Runaway physician faces multiple health care fraud and malpractice charges


A source alleges that Dr. Max Weinberger faces serious charges after his five-year flee to Italy including health care fraud and medical malpractice.

“One major charge includes his failure to diagnose a patient with lung cancer after treating her for many years and performing what her family calls ‘unnecessary surgeries,” said a source. “The woman died subsequently,” they added and said the civil trial will determine whether or not the physician is guilty of negligence in the case.

An arguing attorney for Mark Weinberger said that several other doctors, who treated the woman, had also failed to identify the disease that killed her.

A law firm practicing in The Bronx and Brooklyn mentioned that Weinberger will also be sentenced April 27 for his 22 counts of health care fraud, which involved billing more than 20 patients’ insurance companies for surgical procedures he never performed.

The firm recapped Weinberger’s story and said he disappeared while vacationing in Greece in 2004, because accusations against him had been mounting. “He became the subject of an international dragnet and police ultimately tracked him down and found him camping on an Italian mountainside in December 2009,” they said.

Reps for the deceased woman’s family said Weinberger and physician assistant Joe Clinkenbeard ignored medical guidelines. A state medical review panel concluded they didn’t comply with the standard of care.

“This was something that was preventable, something that was foreseeable,” the Attorney said. “This is the result of the sheer unadulterated greed of Dr. Weinberger and the medical mistake of Dr. Joe (Clinkenbeard).”

“Weinberger made money performing unnecessary surgeries to finance his lavish lifestyle, which included a Chicago condo, a yacht and daily limousine rides to the office,” they added.

To add to the evidence, an ear, nose and throat specialist claimed that Weinberger performed unnecessary sinus surgery on the woman who died and should have uncovered her cancer while she was under his care.

“She was needlessly harmed because of a delay in diagnosis,” said the specialist, “He was more than qualified to pick up on this cancer on the first visit,” he said.

Weinberger faces more than 350 state medical malpractice suits, couple with a federal lawsuit filed by his malpractice insurance provider claiming Weinberger breached his contract when he became an international fugitive.

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