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Senate Bill 33 will likely only help insurance companies


Doctors believe our American healthy care system needs change but the recent bill passed in the Senate last week, they conquer, is not the answer.

Although costs of medical malpractice claims are difficult problems to solve, passing Senate Bill 33 might create a bigger problem for the country.

Senate Bill 33, he explained, will cap noneconomic damage rewards at $500,000, which too many seems like enough money but lawyers argue it isn’t.

“What about a child who must live a lifetime with a disfiguring or debilitating medical injury?” he, said, “A cookie-cutter approach hardly seems the fair way to assess the damages of every case.”

He went on to explain that the bigger problem with the bill is its seemingly “free pass” to medical staff if they make a mistake.

The bill states that damages will only be awarded for “gross negligence, wanton conduct or intentional wrongdoing.” In laymen’s terms, this means that if they for example, cut off a leg by mistake, but they weren’t drunk, the victim will have no cause for a claim.

“That is flat-out unconscionable,” the Lawyer said, “We’re astonished that 36 senators voted to approve it and only 13 saw the breathtaking injustice of it.”

After being told countless times by two republican former state Supreme Court justices that the nature of capping damages in this bill is unconstitutional, the Senate still overwhelmingly passed it.

The source pointed out that even if the Bill passes, he believes it won’t decrease the costs of

because the suits have been already steadily declining due to the current strong screening processes for such cases.

“Studies show caps on judgments have little effect on the incidence of malpractice or the cost of physicians’ insurance,” he said, “What would like work best is a strong regulatory process that weeds out the small number of incompetent doctors who are so often involved in these malpractice claims.”

He concluded that he believes the bill will more than likely help insurance companies in Queens and Manhattan limit what they have to pay out, and sadly allow tragic mistakes to happen in emergency rooms with no legal ramifications.

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