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Sponge left in Abdomen


According to a reporter, a woman claims to have had a sponge left in her abdomen after surgery. She claims to have gone to her OB/GYN and that her doctor had left something foreign in her abdomen after she did a Caesarean section operation.

The woman claimed medical malpractice against the doctor who performed the operation. She claimed that the obstetrician performed the operation without having the proper medical assistance. She thinks that this is what probably caused the problem of her having to suffer a potential hernia.

The expert agreed that the woman had a viable complaint and that the doctor was negligent. When the woman began to feel pain in the abdomen, she sought medical attention and discovered that the lower part of her left abdomen had a sponge marker. She had to have it removed surgically claims the advocate.

The lawsuit complaint consist of the unreasonable notice that the complainant was afforded and that she was not give adequate medical follow up care after surgery. The complainant is seeking an undisclosed monetary damage. Her medical malpractice action is seeking retribution for her and feels that the doctor should have maintained the appropriate relationship with the patient in order to give her the best advice and best treatment possible in this situation.

The woman, according to the facts, has a chance to receive a settlement award for her pain and suffering; both physically and mentally. Hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk do their best to avoid these situations.

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