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The Reason for Appeal in Medical Malpractice Case Explained


A recent jury decision was overturned by an Appellate court after the court determined that the jury may not have been unaffected by media coverage. The case involved a notable psychiatric hospital which caters to wealthy and famous clientele. The lawsuit against the hospital claimed that a patient was subjected to medical malpractice at the treatment center, stated a source.

The case revolved around a patient who committed suicide while staying at the hospital. The woman hung herself in her room after being mistreated by an attending physician, the lawsuit alleges. According to records, the woman was locked in her room and only allowed limited time unsupervised and it was during one of these brief periods when she was alone that the incident took place.

The rep explains that the ruling in the case was called into question when it was noted that during the time the trial was occurring, there was an article written in the New York Times about the event. The jury in Queens had never been instructed to avoid media during the trial and after the article was published, they were never questioned as to whether they had seen the article or been influenced by its content.

The original ruling the in the case was decided in favor of the hospital and left them free of liability for the events that took place. However, the overturning of that original ruling has left them potential liable for the patient’s death. Unfortunately due to the time since the article was published and the further notoriety of the case because of the appeal, it will be even more difficult to find unbiased jurors to hear the appeal, explains a reporter.

The hospital in Staten Island continues to treat patients although it is unknown whether the specific doctors involved in this case are still practicing at the facilities.

A trial date has not yet been set for the appeal, though it is certain that the proper procedures regarding media influence will be followed more closely during the next trial.

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