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University of Miami doctors get protection from Malpractice Suits


The University of Miami has been trying to protect its doctors from malpractice suits for years. They finally managed to do this explained a well-known Medical MalpracticeLawyer. Florida lawmakers have agreed to extend the lawsuit protection to university doctors when they are working in a public hospital.

It’s suspected that the bill will become law. The state protects all hospital employees who are employed by the government from any major malpractice judgment. However, University of Miami school doctors who teach are not protected in the same way.

University of Miami officials have been trying to get the same benefits for their employees for over two decades. The university argues that many patients will sue the university instead of the hospital because the university is less familiar with these cases and more likely to pay out.

The university needs to pay over $40 million per year on defending malpractice. It’s thought that the new legislation could cut the expense from defending these cases in Manhattan and Long Island by half. This will be a major cost saving for the university.

The university believes that this is a useful bill which will even out the playing field and make it much easier for the university to compete and offer good medical facilities to its patients.

Jackson hospital backed the proposals and Florida International University also supported it. This is because the university also wants the students to study along with UM doctors at Jackson Hospital.

The measure was opposed by many trial lawyers who did not want the bill to be passed. The lawyers tried to say that this bill accepted negative negligence and accepted that it would happen. It also said that the medical universities didn’t have enough requirements to keep records. Lawyers argued that the university hospitals will need to keep the same records as state hospitals.

The senate voted to make sure that the expert witnesses which can be called are chosen and regulated by the state. This puts restrictions on using out of state experts as was common with almost all medical malpractice cases claims the Lawyer.

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