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Vibrant Newlywed Left Brain Damaged by Medical Negligence


At the hands of allegedly negligent surgical staff, a newlywed 46-year-old woman suffered brain damage in a surgery that she underwent for illness shortly after returning home from her honeymoon.

Last week, the court heard how the 46-year-old Wyattville Park resident had been a “bubbly and vivacious” receptionist, but how after her injury she needs almost 24-hour care. A rep said that the woman is a completely different person.

The woman’s husband, the chief executive of Phonographic Performance Ireland and the director general of the Irish Music Rights Organization, is suing on his wife’s behalf. At the root of the suit are the allegations that the HSE and the consultant surgeon, who works as St. Michael’s Hospital where the operation was carried out, were negligent and breached their duty the patient.

The hospital has admitted to a failure to provide a nutritionist during the surgery. This is the only statement of fault issued by any of the defendants, but it could prove to be a critical one.

The newlywed woman became ill while on honeymoon in the Dominican Republic in June of 2005. When the couple returned home, the wife was referred to St. Michael’s where she underwent laparotomy, a surgery to remove multiple abdominal adhesions. She was discharged ten days later, but only a few days later, she had to be readmitted with a worsened condition. She underwent a second surgery, including another laparotomy, in which a portion of her bowel had to be removed.

During this surgery, or immediately after, the patient required emergency intravenous feeding or total parenteral nutrition. According to a report, the surgical staff failed to administer thiamine with that required feeding. Because of that, the woman suffered brain damage and a condition known as Wernicke-Korsakoff psychosis.

Ultimately, the plaintiff alleges that the defendants are responsible for failing in their duty “to monitor, test, and review her nutritional needs as part of the nutrition management.”

Those injuries have left the 46-year-old receptionist confused, increasingly disoriented, and with memory problems. Executive and cognitive linguistic functions were also impaired. Her overall IQ has lowered as well, according to her attorney who practices in NYC and Staten Island.

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