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Woman dies after birth


A woman in Chennai has died after giving birth to a live baby. It is alleged that the death was caused by medical negligence. Two of the assistants helping with the birth are currently suspended according to hospital records.

The 26 year old patient was admitted to hospital on Thursday afternoon. She explained that she was suffering from serious labor pains and required painkillers to bring the main under control explains the study.

After being in the hospital for three hours, the woman gave birth to a baby. The baby weighed 2.5kg and was a boy. The baby was delivered normally and the placenta was removed and was checked to be intact. Although the baby and placenta were healthy, the mother was bleeding and continued to bleed for a long time.

The relatives of the deceased patients allege that there was not a doctor available to deal with the health concerns of the mother. They say that the maternity assistants were the only people who supervised the birth.

The hospital denies these allegations and claim that a doctor was in fact supervising the birth. Medical staff tried to get the bleeding under control. They first did this by trying to use medications, but after 7:30PM the decision was made to move her to another hospital.

When the patient was moved to the other hospital the bleeding continued. The doctors gave her an anesthetic and used stitches to try and stem the bleeding. However, before this could be proven to be effective the patient suffered a cardiac arrest. She died early on Friday morning as attempts to revive her failed.

The relatives of the patient have protested in front of the hospital accusing them of being negligent and not offering the correct standard of care says the report. The family also alleges that the medical staff was not supportive or patient with the delivery. Instead they are accused of using bad language when she had difficulty.

An investigation to the standard of health care is currently ongoing. The medical assistants are currently suspended while the investigation takes place.

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