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A woman who suffered severe physical and psychological injuries as a result of medical malpractice committed by her plastic surgeon has been successful in her case against the surgeon. The problem began when the woman, who was 26, consulted the surgeon for treatment to eliminate various physical ailments associated with the large size of her breasts. The surgeon recommended, and she underwent, bilateral breast reduction surgery. The woman developed serious complications in her left breast almost immediately after the surgery. The condition of her left breast got worse and worse during the following weeks, and ultimately led to the loss of her entire left nipple areola complex; all that remained of this area was a large scar. The evidence of this loss was very compelling, and preserved in photographs. The evidence showed that the left nipple areola first turned into a very dark brown scab and separated from the rest of her breast. The area then began to drain. These developments forced her to undergo various debriding procedures in order to remove dead tissue from her breast. Then, she had to undergo cauterization of the area. All of this resulted in a two inch hole being left in her breast. To treat this condition, the woman will be forced to undergo at least two additional surgeries to reconstruct the left areola complex. Even these reconstructive procedures will not actually replace her left nipple. Instead, at best, they may only improve the appearance of the left breast, which can only be accomplished by constructing a nipple and tattooing color onto it.

At trial, a jury determined that the plastic surgeon who performed the bilateral breast reduction committed malpractice in the course of the surgery and the subsequent treatment. The jury awarded the woman $800,000.00 in damages. The jury found that even if some repair to her left breast was made in the physical sense, she would continue to suffer psychological damage that, to some degree, would be permanent. The jury also made a $100,000 derivative award to the woman’s husband.

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